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Tinasoft Easycafe 2.2.14 Crack Free Download

Tinasoft Easycafe 2.2.14 Crack Free Download

Tinasoft Easycafe 2.2.14 Crack Free Download



Tinasoft Easycafe 2.2.14 Crack Free Download

April 8, 2018

Apr, 03, 2018, 7:38am

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IIS 6 SSRS Report Manager - SSL/HTTPS

I have recently switched from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 and I am now facing an issue with SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Report Manager and the ability to see the report in the browser. It looks as if SSL encryption is not enabled. When looking at the report page in the browser I get this message:

This page contains one or more resources that are not allowed to load on
this webpage. To check for problems with the resources on this page,
click the Refresh button, then try again.
Error 1 URI='/ReportServer/ReportManager/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx' did not match any
registered URL scheme.

I have been through a search on the internet and it seems I have to add something to the web.config to enable SSL encryption. I have added the following to the system.webServer section:

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07-28 10:24 PM

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07-28 10:33 PM

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07-28 11:48 PM

thanks bro.


07-29 02:20 AM

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tinasoft easycafe 2.2.14

Happy New year.


01-14 01:55 PM

Thanks Micky

Ahmad S

01-14 01:56 PM

Thanks Micky.

I saw that your information was the same. Is it OK for me to sign-in even if both of us have the same 5digit SSN.

If not, is it OK for me to provide you my SSN or can you only have it if I provide it to you?

I am not trying to cheat on my existing status.

Thank you so much Micky.


02-19 03:19 PM

I went for my

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